Disclaimer, Disclosure, and Privacy Policy


You should not consider the writing here, whether published by the owner or added in comments or reviews from readers and contributors, to consist in any way of investment recommendations. Speak with your own advisor and do your own research before making any investment decisions. Though the writing on this site is believed to be accurate there is no guarantee that it is always so. Readers who comment on the site or submit reviews may or may not disclose any conflicts of interest they may have and their comments and reviews should be considered in that light.


When it comes to matters of money, we believe in transparency and accountability. We dedicate ourselves to delivering sound financial education. With this in mind, we have developed a company-wide disclosure policy to guide our business and communications.

We believe money management is a lifelong endeavor.

Second, and more important, we don't consider our employees to be journalists, but rather communicators and teachers of financial matters. It's a subtle but critical difference that affects our entire service -- from our online site at assetpreserver.com. As a company, we utilize every available medium to teach people of all ages, all income levels, all backgrounds, and all genetic codes about money and its applications in modern life. Therefore, we believe our staff's involvement in managing their own money is critical to their learning more about the subject and their succeeding in their own lives. And who better to write about investing than those who do it themselves?

We will disclose whether the author has an interest in the investments mentioned. Internally, AP has always strived to operate with the highest levels of integrity and transparency. As such, here are the key components of AP's disclosure policy:


When a writer writes about an investment that he/she owns or beneficially owns, that fact is disclosed at the end of the article.

 Trading Restrictions

 In addition to the above disclosure requirements, AP employees work under additional trading restrictions and guidelines. These restrictions require that they:

 Must hold any stock they own for at least 30 days.

 Cannot write about an investment in the period ten days before and ten days after purchasing or selling the stock.

 Cannot trade based on any knowledge they may have about articles that have yet to be published.

As a general rule, if you see ads from a company on our site, that company is paying us for such placement.


Our disclosure and trading guidelines are designed to serve our community, our customers, and our employees fairly. You should always consider every piece of investment information you receive, here at AP or elsewhere, not as a de facto recommendation, but as an idea for further consideration. Even the strongest disclosure policy in the world does not excuse individuals from taking responsibility for their own decisions. Due diligence and critical thought are crucial to your financial success.