Current Investment Rates

These rates are posted for our reader's convenience. Included are

  • CD rates (6 month to 2 year)
  • money market account rates
  • savings account rates
  • 30 year fixed mortgage
  • Treasury rates (3 month to 30 year)
  • Treasury yield curve
  • Inflation indexed Treasuries (TIPS)
  • municipal bond yields (2 year to 30 year)
  • I-bond rates
  • Federal funds rates
  • residential housing prices

Current CD, Bank, Money Market Rates


Current U.S. Treasury Rates and the Treasury Yield Curve

3 month to 30 year rates - U.S. Treasury bills, notes, bonds, TIPS, and average municipal bond yields are given. Also, the U.S. Treasury yield curve is displayed.


Current I-Bond Rate

1.10% - Current I-bond composite rate from May 2012-Nov 2012

0.00% - Current I-bond fixed rate

1.10% - Current I-bond inflation rate (2.20% annualized)

All about I bonds - read in-depth about I bonds.

Note the rate is semiannual.


Federal Funds Rate

Current Federal Fund rate - Also included is a historical chart of the Federal Funds rate.
Expected Inflation Rate - Difference between 10 year Treasury Bonds and TIPS.



Latest Residential Home Price Levels - Case-Shiller home price indices.

Single Family Housing Starts



Bond Benchmarks - bond benchmarks: close, ROI, yield

Economic Surprise Index



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