Master Limited Partnerships List

List of master limited partnerships in alphabetical order. Most are in the oil and gas industry.

Master Limited Partnerships

Pipeline MLPs

List of the major pipeline MLPs, preceded by their stock ticker symbol.

Primarily Natural Gas

  • APL - Atlas Pipeline Partners. Gathering, processing, transport using pipelines.
  • BWP - Boardwalk. Pipelines and storage facilities.
  • DEP - Duncan Energy Partners. Pipelines.
  • DPM - DCP Midstream. Gathering, processing, transport using pipelines.
  • EPB - El Paso Pipeline. Pipelines.
  • KGS - Quicksilver Gas. Gathering, processing.
  • MWE - MarkWest Energy. Pipelines and processing.
  • OKS - Oneok Partners, LP. Pipelines and processing.
  • RGNC - Regency Energy. Gathering, processing, transport using pipelines.
  • SEP - Spectra. Pipelines.
  • NGLS - Targa Resources. Pipelines and processing.
  • TCLP - TC Pipelines, LP. Pipelines.
  • WPZ - Williams Partners. Gathering, processing, Gulf of Mexico gathering.
  • WMZ - Williams Pipeline. Pipelines.

Primarily Oil and Oil Products

  • BPL - Buckeye Partners. Pipelines.
  • HEP - Holly Energy Partners. Pipelines and terminals.
  • MMP - Magellan Midstream Partners LP. Pipelines and marine terminals.
  • MMLP - Martin Midstream. Pipelines, terminals, distribution.
  • PAA - Plains All Pipeline, LP. Pipelines, storage.
  • SGLP - SemGroup L.P. Pipelines, terminals, storage facilities.
  • SXL - Sunoco Logistics. Pipelines, terminals, storage facilities.

Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Gasoline

  • TCLP - TC Pipelines.
  • EEP - Enbridge Energy Partners.  Gathering, pipelines, processing. U.S. assets of ENB/
  • ENB - Enbridge Corp. Gathering, pipelines, processing. Canada's biggest.
  • EROC - Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P. Gathering, pipelines, E&P (exploration & production)
  • ETP - Enery Transfer Partners. Pipelines, retail propane sales.
  • EPD - Enterprise Products Partners, LP. Pipelines (offshore, onshore)
  • GEL - Genesis Energy. Pipelines and processing.
  •  Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. (KMP). Pipelines, coal terminals, CO2.
  • NS - NuStar Energy, LP. Pipelines.
  • TLP - TransMontaigne. Terminals, storage, pipeline services.
  • WMB - Williams Companies, Inc. Gathering, pipelines, processing, E&P

MLP List

  • APU - Amerigas Partners, LP. Retail propane distributors.
  • ATN - Atlas Energy Resources, LLC
  • BBEP - BreitBurn Energy Partners, L.P.
  • DMLP - Dorchester Minerals, LP. Acquisition, ownership, and administration of producing and non-producing natural gas and crude oil royalty, net profits, and leasehold interests in the United States.
  • FGP - Ferrellgas Partners. Distribution and sales of propane and equipment.
  • Inergy, L.P. (NRGY) - Retail marketing, sale, and distribution of propane to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers.
  • KSP - K-Sea Transportation Partners, L.P. marine transportation, distribution, and logistics services for refined petroleum products in the United States.
  •  Linn Energy, LLC (LINE). Not an MLP but a public LLC with partnership tax status. Generates schedule K-1 tax form. It is an independent oil and natural gas company, engages in the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties.
  • SPH - Suburban Propane Partners, LP. Retail marketing and distribution of propane, fuel oil, and refined fuels, and the marketing of natural gas and electricity in the United States.
  • SGU - Star Gas Partners, LP. Home heating oil distributor and services.
  • XTEX - Crosstex Energy. Gathering, processing of natural gas.
  • TOO - Teekay Offshore Partners LP. provides marine transportation and storage services to the offshore oil industry

Natural Resource MLPs.

  • ARLLP - Alliance Resource Partners (coal)
  • CRPP.OB - Crown Pacific (timber)
  • NRP - Natural Resource Partners (coal)
  • PVR - Penn Virginia Resource Partnership (coal, timber, natural gas)
  • POPEZ - Pope Resources (timber)
  • TNH - Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P. (nitrogen fertilizer products)

Real Estate MLPs

  • AFREZ - America First RE Investments
  • ACP - American Real Estate Partners
  • HTL - Heartland Partners
  • IGC - Interstate General
  • NEN - New England Realty

Other MLPs

  • AB - AllianceBernstein Holding L.P. and its subsidiaries provide investment management and related services to institutional, retail, and private clients in the United States and internationally.
  • FUN - Cedar Fair, LP. owns and operates amusement and water parks in the United States and Canada. The company owns 11 amusement parks.
  • STON - StonMor Partners engages in the ownership and operation of cemeteries in the United States. The company operates in two segments, Cemetery Operations and Funeral Homes

MLP Indexes

Alerian MLP Select Index - Tracking index for MLPs. The Alerian MLP Index (“Index”) is a market-cap weighted, float-adjusted index created to provide a comprehensive benchmark for investors to track the performance of the energy MLP sector.

Wells Fargo Composite MLP Index -

Cushing 30 Index -

Solactive High Income MLP Index -

Sustainable Canadian Energy Income index - The Index is designed to combine the most profitable and liquid Canadian royalty trusts with the most highly focused and fastest growing oil sands producers using a tactical asset allocation model based on the trend in crude oil prices.

MLP Tracking Indexes

AMJ - JP Morgan Alerian MLP Index (ETN). Follows the Alerian MLP Index. Pays variable quarterly dividends based on the MLP distributions. The dividends are reported on 1099 form (rather than K-1 form). 0.85% expense ratio. The ETN matures 24 May 2024.

AMLP - Alerian MLP ETF.

AMU (ETN) - Tracks Alerian MLP Index.

ENY - Canadian Energy Income Index. Tracks the sustainable Canadian Energy Income index. 0.65% expense ratio.

MLPG - An ETN that tracks natural gas infrastructure Alerian Natural Gas MLP Index. 0.85% expense ratio. Issues 1099 tax form (rather than K-1 forms)

MLPI - (ETN). Tracks Alerian MLP Infrastructre index. 0.85% expense ratio.

MLPN - (ETN). Follows Cushing 30 index; primarily midstream energy assets.  0.85% expense ratio.

YMLI - (ETF). Yorkville Infrastructure MLP. 0.82% er.

YMLP - (ETF). Yorkville Hi Income MLP. Tracks Solactive High Income MLP Index. Structured as a C-Corp. 0.82% expense ratio.


Not MLPs but are associated with them. They generate a 1099 instead of K-1 tax forms.

Enbridge Energy Management, LLC (EEQ) - operates as a limited partner of Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. that owns and operates crude oil and liquid petroleum transportation and storage assets in the United States.

Kinder Morgan Management, LLC (KMR) - holds interests in Kinder Morgan Energy Partners.

Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) - owns and operates energy transportation and storage assets in the United States and Canada.

Linn Co, LLC. (LNCO) - Focuses on the development and acquisition of oil and natural gas properties in the United States. It intends to hold interests in various properties located primarily in the Mid-Continent, Hugoton Basin, Green River Basin, Permian Basin, Michigan/Illinois, California, Williston/Powder River Basin, and East Texas.

MLP Funds

These have very high expense ratios.

KYE - Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return Fund. A closed end ETF. We will invest in equity securities such as common stocks preferred stocks convertible securities warrants depository receipts and equity interests in MLPs MLP affiliates royalty trusts and other Energy Companies. They issue 1099s instead of K-1s.  1.90% expense ratio.

FMO - Fiduciary/Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund

KED - Energy Development

KYN - Kayne Anderson MLP Investments

TYY - Tortoise Energy Capital

TYG - Energy Infrastructure

TTO - Capital Resources

MTP - MLP & Strategic Equity

FEN - Energy Income and Growth

SRV - Cushing MLP Total Return


All about MLPs - In depth analysis of master limited partnerships: advantages, disadvantages, due diligence, risks, taxes, and much more.


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Jean Howard on 2012-06-16 13:35:51
What is the easiest way of investing in MLPs? Is a minimum investment required? If so, what is that amount? Can one invest via auto payroll withdrawals?
Annette A. Barry on 2012-10-12 15:02:08
I thing via ETNs or ETFs as most report income on a 1099 rather than K-1s. They are available through your stockbroker.
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TNH: It is; under Natural Resource MLPs
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I suggest adding LNCO, KMR and KMI to the list of Associations. Also, KMP issues a K-1 to unit holders.
Dave on 2012-11-18 20:17:22
I suggest adding LNCO, KMI and KMR to the list Associations. Also, KMP issues a K-1 to unit holders.
Dave on 2012-11-18 20:19:29
I already own some mlps, I find them the most interesting stocks mainly because of the difference in taxing , and the large dividends.
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