Nuclear Power Stocks and Funds

Nuclear power plant Select list of nuclear power stocks, low cost funds, and ETFs.

Uranium Stocks

CCJ - Cameco Corporation operates as a nuclear energy company. The company operates in four segments: Uranium, Fuel Services, Electricity, and Gold. World's largest uranium producer.

ECOL - American Ecology. They dispose of radioactive waste and recycle oil waste.

Nuclear Power Index Funds

  • NLR - Nuclear Fund (ETF). Emulates the DAX global Nuclear Energy Index. 0.65% expense ratio.
  • NUCL - S&P Global Nuclear Index Fund (ETF). Emulates the S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index. 0.48% expense ratio.
  • PKN - WNA Nuclear Energy Index (ETF). Emulates the WNA Nuclear Energy Index. 0.75% expense ratio.

Nuclear Energy Indexes

WNA Nuclear Energy Index - is designed to serve as a fair, impartial and transparent measure of the performance of the Global Nuclear Energy Industry.


WNA nuclear energy index - Explains the rational behind the index, its components, and other nuclear power related information.


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