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All Those Dividend Dates - Dates to remember when investing in ETFs, stocks, or mutual funds.

Bank Account Fees - Comprehensive list of bank charges and what you can do about it.

Bank Favoritism - Banks are treated differently during insolvency.

Bond Fund Price Variance - Why do bond mutual funds vary in price?

Bonds or Bond Funds? - There are reasons for both; or none.

Book Review: Web of Debt - Review of the book: Web of Debt.

ETF Pitfalls - The other side of ETFs.

Exit Strategy. Got one? - How an exit strategy can help manage risk.

Fractional Reserve Banking - How banks lend money is not what you expect.

Gold Ownership and Taxes - You may owe more than you think.

Housing Prices: 1890 to date

How Money is Created - How the Fed creates money out of thin air.

Lazy Portfolios - A select list of portfolios in use today.

Passive Income - Achieving passive income.

Paying with Cash - The debate continues...

Recommended Books on finance, investing, money, and personal finance.

Save Money: Banking - Save money on banking and credit cards.

Save Money: Car - Save money on your car ownership, driving habits, and insurance.

Save Money: Energy - A long list of saving money on energy at home.

Save Money: Entertainment - A long list of ways to save money on entertainment.

Save Money: Home - A long list of saving money at home.

Save Money: Groceries - Ways to save money on groceries.

Save Money: Water - A long list of saving water around the house.

True Unemployment Figures - Demystifying unemployment figures.

Weak Dollar - What are the effects of a weak dollar?


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