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Be Your own Financial Advisor

What is AssetPreserver?

AssetPreserver is a perpetual book on investing. The book's highlight is the critical list of due diligence questions to ask before investing in a particular asset class.


  • Saves you time searching for relevant investment information
  • Gives you the right questions to ask about investments
  • Gives you up-to-date investment information
  • Helps you make informed financial decisions

Why are we different?

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Suppose you want to find the latest information on stable value funds. Searching the internet will bring up articles from the 1990s to the present. Many are not even dated so you are not sure of the relevance. Also, the time involved in sorting out the good from the bad can be inordinate. We do our best to make sure our evolving book does not go out of date.

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What is offered with a subscription?

AssetPreserver’s perpetual book on investing enables the reader to keep abreast of the latest research in various financial instruments. Become armed with knowledge to manage your own portfolio or have all the pertinent questions ready if you still feel more comfortable with the services of a financial advisor. In fact, a set of spreadsheets are included that you can use as reference when making investment choices. Plenty of investment examples and unbiased opinions on investments and investment approaches are offered with AssetPreserver. There is also an excellent search facility available.